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...a curated list of my original English Poems, rendered as a unique app that will ignite your emotions in a whole new way.

Each of these poems will make you pleasantly surprised, wanting to read them again & again. And every time leaving you with feelings of positivity & hope.

...and as someone said...

hope is the elixir of life

Supported Apple devices

This is an app on English Poetry - it has a collection of beautifully crafted original poems & packed with jaw-dropping features.


  1. FREE

  2. NO AD's

  3. Exclusive to the App Store

  4. Available as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Apple TV App

  5. Tons of new features Viz. Magazine view, Closed Captioning, Augmented Reality, AI & Machine Learning

  6. Simple Original Poems

Get the Poetik app and make your leisure pleasurable, meaningful & fun.

What people are saying...

Know your app!

iPad Screens


Lil' Magazine

Poem Listing

Auto Recite

iPhone Screens


Poem Listing

Poem Window

Auto Recite

40+ Poems. Jaw-dropping features. Unlimited excitement

Poetik Watch Features

Poetik is also available for the Apple Watch platform. Here is a list of features from the Poetik Watch app

Poem Highlights

Categorised menu

Poetry listings

Poem window

Poetik TV Features

Poetik is also available for the Apple TV platform. Here is a list of features from the Poetik TV app

Top Shelf View

Highlighted Poems

Categorised Menu

Player View

Poems Recited using Voice-over

Voice Accent Settings

Poem Window

the poem window is finely crafted to give you that sense of joy & pleasure as you read through the poem stanzas & is also packed with loads of features...

Search with a class

unsure of what to read. No worries, discover poems like never before using our robust search feature...

Swipe left to define a word

Know the meaning of unique words in a stanza using the built-in iOS dictionary...

Set Reminders

Bit busy now. Want the app to remind you to come back to the poem at a later time. Well, we have you covered...


Poetiká is your virtual verse mate. Built using the CoreML machine learning model, it magically understands the sentiment of the stanza recited and provides an early view of the emotion being conveyed…

Augmented Reality

ever wondered to add a poem strips around your drawing room and read it with a whole new fun. That's exactly what you can do with this app. You can add the poems in and around you and revisit those floating poem blocks anytime and anywhere...

Super-rich feature set

The following features will enhance your experience in a whole new way...

  • Scan Barcode - if the app is already installed, scanning the barcode will directly take you to the poem

  • Closed Captioning with Voice-over - if you want the app to read out the poem to you, here you are

  • Voice Settings - ability to change voice settings based on your geolocation of choice

  • Sentiment analyser - the highlight of this feature is the ability to predict the sentiment of the currently read stanza using AI & Machine Learning...

  • Today's Extension - the feature exposes the poems in your today's widget section for a more friendlier user experience

  • Share Sheet - use this to share the poem in the form of a sheet with a pre-populated message & hash-tag with your favourite social media

  • and many more...

{ } Dev Corner

Following are the iOS Framework & Services that are being used to develop this app:

  • UICollectionView & UITableView are used for displaying the carousel, menu & poem listings

  • Using UIPageViewController for building the magazine view of seasonal poems exclusive for the iPad

  • INUIAddVoiceShortcutViewController for registering Siri Shortcuts for poem categories

  • UIImpactFeedbackGenerator for generating haptic feedback when you visit the poem view

  • AppStoreReviewManager for triggering the inbuilt App Review workflow

  • AVSpeechSynthesizerDelegate used to implement voiceover feature while reciting poems

  • Identify SentimentPolarity using CoreML when understanding the mood of the recited stanza and displaying a smile, sad or neutral emoticon

  • Create UNNotificationRequest for generating a local notification, if you want the app to remind you to read the poem at a later time

  • Used CoreData to store user marked favourite poems and T&C acceptances

  • ARSCNViewDelegate is used to add the ability to add Poem strips around your living room and create your very own AR Poetry World of your poems of choice

  • Used NSCache mutable collection for temporarily store resource-intensive data

  • All icons used in the app is utilising the latest SF Symbols

  • For Apple Watch, I have developed it using SwiftUI

About the Creator

My name is Ruptapas (a.k.a Rup). I am a proud Indian, a software professional & an aspiring iOS developer. I love to create apps from my ideas, write poems, do blogging and write technical articles on emerging technologies. But something that I enjoy the most is spending time with my family...

I strongly believe that everyone has a role to play in developing a strong, conscious, sustainable & responsible society and making the world a better place for future generations to come.

So until next time, hope to touch your heart ❤ through one of such apps or content that I create.

For suggestions, feedback or for that matter a few words of encouragement, get in touch @ my Twitter handle and rate/review the apps in the App Store.

Arise, awake and do not stop until the goal is reached.

- Swami Vivekananda